Nice to meet you class!

Hello Classmates!

I am looking forward to a wonderful semester and hoping to collaborate with all of you! First things first, my name is Amy Moore, currently living in Richlands, North Carolina. I was born and raised in Ridgely, Maryland and lived there till I graduated high school. Upon graduation 5 years ago, I moved to Moon Township, PA where I began my elementary education degree at Robert Morris University. I attended for two years and decided that I hated the cold, and moved to North Carolina to marry my husband and continue school in the warm.


I am a sibling of four to my lovely family who still reside in Maryland. My husband and I got married a year ago this month and have grown a little family of our own. We currently have three fur children, Ellie Brodie and Nola. My husband is in the Marine Corps, therefore the puppies keep me company while he is away.

pups brodell


In my free time you can find me on pinterest and later over in the kitchen trying some new recipe. I love to cook, craft, shop and find some new way to update my house. Some times my DIY projects work and sometimes they don’t, either way I still enjoy it! I really enjoy many different types of music and love going to concerts! I am a huge article reader, and you can bet if it catches my attention I will read it. Finding new interesting facts is something I love, even if it is about something I never intended looking for. I love I also work at a childcare center as an administrator!


When thinking of math I immediately think back to my high school algebra 2 class. It was a horrible experience and I thought I would never get math for the rest of my life. I passed the class but had no clue what I had learned over the course of four months. This experience repeated itself my first year of college algebra. I finally took an algebra class one more time when I got to UNCW in order to freshen up on my skills. Which leads me to my first point, that learning math is different for EVERYONE. This teacher taught in a way that was not just for “getting the answer” but for understanding where it came from, exactly what I needed.

My horrible math experience was not meant to express negative feelings toward math but to express the realization that math is not so horrible when it is taught in a way that makes sense! When I have the opportunity to teach math I want to be sure that it is taught with meaning and without “you do it this way just because I said so”. I believe teaching with meaning will help students understand math rather than seeing math as one way.

Elementary mathematics is the stepping-stones for student’s later success. I believe it should be hands on, fun and memorable for students. It should be a time where students are developing a sense for numbers and learning that they are not just written squiggles on a paper or something we count with but a useful tool for their worlds. I would love for my future students to see math in a real light. Being good at math does not mean you get the answer every time, but understanding how numbers work.


To conclude, the person I would choose to have conversation with would be John Lennon, previous singer/song writer of the Beatles. I chose Lennon because he had inspired me as a young girl to envision life as a peaceful place. I would love to ask him more about his peace activism and what he thought about the crazed fan that shot him.

I think that about sums it all up! Collaboration is a beautiful thing; I look forward to working with all of you this semester! Please do not hesitate contact me as your classmate.


– Amy Moore


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